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The Southwest Family Advocacy Center is a child and family focused facility where professionals in law enforcement, child protection, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy, work together during the investigation, treatment, management and prosecution of child abuse cases, sexual assault, domestic violence and elder abuse cases.

The Southwest Family Advocacy Center is dedicated to reducing the stress and trauma of victims by:

  • Ensuring victims are treated with respect and dignity throughout the investigative process.

  • Performing forensic interviews and medical exams in a friendly and safe environment.


  •  Assisting victims and their families by providing therapy and advocacy services.


The goal of the Glendale Family Advocacy Center (GFAC) is to provide comprehensive and coordinated services to crime victims in a safe, comfortable and convenient setting. The “one-stop” center is a partnership between the Glendale Police Department, Crisis Preparation and Recovery, Department of Child Services, Honor Health and the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.


The Scottsdale Family Advocacy Center was designed to greatly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of Crimes Against Persons investigations while reducing the stress and trauma to the victim. This is done by co-locating multiple disciplines involved in the investigation and care of the victim in one building that is intelligently designed to address the special needs of these types of crimes.

The Scottsdale Family Advocacy Center has been operating since November of 2002 and has been successfully improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its objectives in as much as other cities have used Scottsdale’s center as a blueprint for their own advocacy centers. Each discipline represented in the center is an integral part of the process and provides excellent customer service.

Currently, the Scottsdale Family Advocacy Center provides office space to Forensic Nurse Examiners from Scottsdale Healthcare, Investigators from the Department of Child Safety, personnel from the Police Crisis Intervention Section, and investigative units from the Crimes Against Persons Section.


NMCAC's core service is to provide a multidisciplinary response to cases involving a child victim. A typical case might involve multiple law enforcement agencies, state child protective services, the court(s), school(s), medical and mental health providers. NMCAC strives to align these parties and interests into a comprehensive child-focused process that ensures children are given a proper interview, advocacy and treatment.

Put simply, the NMCAC makes sure no child gets lost in the aftermath of child abuse and neglect.


New Pathways for Youth serves youth, ages 12-21, experiencing poverty and four times the adversity of other youth—adversities such as parent incarceration, abuse and neglect, substance abuse, and high school dropout. Through 1:1 mentoring in connected communities of other mentors and youth and evidence based personal development and life skills retreats and workshops, our youth create breakthroughs in self destructive thought patterns that lead to actions consistent with the future they want. We have transformed more than 7,000 lives since our founding.


Servicing nearly 500 victims a year, the Surprise PD recently added a victim room where children, either victims of crime, or children of domestic violence victims, can go to play and be distracted from the terrible things that have happened to them or things they've witnessed. If you live in this jurisdiction, please contact Sandra for their needs or contact us about sponsoring an event for this important initiative.


The newest member to our family of FACs. Victim Advocate Katie Cain helps lead the civilian team and assists Chandler police detectives in helping to assist victims with whatever they need — from shelter, housing, food, employment, clothing, legal protections, documentation, evidence and much more. Both the family and the victims receive the best care as their cases move through the system.


SRPMIC FAC is a tribal run advocacy center that provides services for victims of child crimes, sexual assault, and domestic violence in collaboration with local law enforcement agencies, Child Protective Services, and prosecution.  The SRPMIC, a sovereign tribe located in the metropolitan Phoenix area was established by Executive Order on June 14, 1879. The Community operates a full-service government.  The SRPMIC FAC is designed to bring different Community Departments together to conduct child crime investigations more effectively in a one-stop approach. The Center provides a child-friendly facility which members of the investigative team can utilize to conduct interviews, provide crisis services and provide families with referrals to treatment for child victims, child witnesses and their families while pursuing the prosecution of offenders.




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