In the Beginning-Photo from first "Super Main Event" in 2015.



In mid 2015, our Founder Sean was interviewing a child suffering from acute abuse. The child was terrified and would not answer questions, make eye contact, or engage in any way.

Needing the child to disclose for the case to move forward, Sean (out of ways to engage the child) sat back and asked the child if he liked Superheroes.

The change was instant as the child perked up, sat bolt upright, and screamed "IRON MAN". The child and Sean spoke at length about the new Avengers movie. The child grew more animated and happy the more the conversation went on.

Now seeing an empowered child in front of him, Sean went back to his interview and the child disclosed what happened to him leading to an arrest.



After the child left, Sean thought about how amazing giving that child an Iron Man action figured would have been.

With September upcoming, it was decided an event to empower the children would be held. Superhero September was born. Sean went to social media asking for help. The first donations came from first responders (pictured) and were given to the children after their interview.



In only three weeks of planning, the first "Superhero September" was September 1, 2015 at 0600 hours. With six heroes (police and fire fighters) and nobody in attendance raising $500. The month long promotion raised $4,000. The event made an impact felt by everyone in the child center and Sean was asked to make it an annual celebration. Four short years later, The Super Main Event was held in two states, drawing 4,000 people and raising $22,000 in one day.