With great power, comes great responsibility.

Since our founding in 2019, Put on the Cape: A Foundation for Hope has changed how charity works.

We take our message right to the people by holding public events across the valley and in Michigan.

We are not in a board room. We are grass roots interacting with people to spread our message. Our board takes no salary nor do our Causeplayers. We bring a powerful message of hope everywhere we go.



Founder/President of Board of Directors

In 2015, Sean created “Superhero September” (SHS) as a way to empower children victims of acute abuse by introducing them to superhero mythology. A police officer since 2007, Sean investigated crimes against children for six years with more than 1,500 cases assigned to him.

A two-time State of Arizona Police Officer of The Year and Two-time winner of his department’s Distinguished Service Award, and it's prestigious Employee Excellence Award, Sean realized the hyper growth of the events needed to be organized. He also saw a way to change how charity works by taking the show on the road to foster and build relationships with individuals and businesses. Instead of asking for donations, Sean wanted to earn it by providing a one of a kind.

charity that created excitement and empowerment wherever it went.

Along with his bachelor's degree in Journalism, Sean holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Northern Arizona University (With Distinction/4.0 GPA). Sean's philanthropy and leadership has been recognized by multiple cities in "The Valley of the Sun."

In the Foundation's first year, Sean reached his goal of expanding his charity into his home state of Michigan raising $30,000 with the help of his Michigan chairperson and life long friend, Tracey Wilson. The Foundation collaborates with Michigan based The League of Enchantment who are more than 100 Cosplayers strong.

Currently, Sean is negotiating with five new states to bring his message across the country. 

Sean and his wife Melissa live in North Phoenix with their two chihuahuas (Chloe and Chucky) and two French Bulldogs (Loki and Ralphie).

Sean handles media inquires, event creating/planning, and PR for the Foundation as well as sitting as President on the Board of Directors.


6635 W Happy Valley Road Ste. A104-159 Glendale AZ 85310



Founding Board Member-Secretary

A 2016 graduate of Arizona State University, Danielle earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science finishing with a 3.87 GPA.

Danielle put her Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential to work when hired by the Childhelp Children’s Center as Volunteer & Donor Care Coordinator.

Danielle’s first assignment was to aid Sean in promotion of the Second SHS event in 2016. Danielle fast showed her skill and passion and by year three, took a much larger role in SHS helping grow the event by 500 percent over year two.

Designated “The Lady in the Chair” for her behind the scenes successes, Danielle became a fixture in future planning of the events. Upon creation of the Foundation, she quickly accepted Sean’s offer to serve on the board of directors as Secretary/Treasurer heading the Financial Committee. Danielle is the liaison between the community and the foundation. Danielle lives in the East Valley with her husband Brandon and their daughter Naomi.

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Legal Counsel

K Royal is an attorney and global compliance professional with 25 years of experience in the legal and health-related fields and is currently working in global privacy.

K handles all contacts and reviews all board business for compliance. K attends events as Maleficent and Batgirl. 

Back in 2000, K was an RN and about to enter law school, when her husband (at the time) had a psychotic break. A local agency helped her and her children through this trauma and asked one thing in return – help other victims.

K took the challenge seriously. Starting in law school, she was the first volunteer of a U.S. Department of Justice pilot program for victims – which has now become a national standard in criminal cases. She typically volunteers over 1,000 hours annually - both in her role as an attorney and hands-on, such as putting on a cape for children in need




PJ started attending events in 2016. Such was her belief in our vision, she volunteered her time and expertise to making what we do better.

Once the Foundation started to grow and a second treasurer was needed, Sean reached out to his long time friend to offer her the position which she quickly accepted. 

PJ is employed with Universal Technical Institute for the past 20 years and is a Sr Business Analyst. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

Her enthusiasm for our cause is infectious. In her spare time when she is not helping POTC she enjoys having fun taking photos of family & friends, as well as, playing family games with her son. 

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