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Cameo Courage is an Arizona based 501(c)(3) corporation created to drive awareness on "Fighting the Fight against Cancer, Mental illness and Other Bad Stuff." 

The goal of Cameo Courage is to bring joy to children who are facing challenges in their young lives that could be the result of societal influences, mental health issues, pediatric illnesses or life-threatening diseases. A special visit or custom shout out from a Cameo Courage superhero can provide an uplifting boost when it’s needed most! You may see a Cameo Courage superhero at a charity event, an expo, a convention or at the hospital room of a beloved patient as we strive to make cameo appearances as often as we can. The surprise and delight in the eyes of a child in need is a reward in and of itself.


Our Founder and Mr. Pool met at an event in 2018 and fast formed a friendship based on mutual goals. Those goals centered around making the lives of children suffering abuse, bullying, and fighting cancer, better.


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